Salvation Rock Opera, Colors of You, Thy word returns to Thee in praise

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SalvationRock  Opera

A story in song about God's work of salvation from a pre-creation dialogue in heaven to the culmination of God's great wisdom at the end of time; including foreshadows of God's plan in creation, Abraham's faith and hope to dwell in a city whose foundation is of God, the laying of that foundation by Christ's death, resurrection and sending of the Holy Spirit, the creation and polishing of living stones, and finally the overcoming of evil and revealing of heavenly Jerusalem

House of Rest
Crescent Moon


Hebron Hill


He Really is Risen

Heaven Vows

Carolina is Dead

Born of the Holy Ghost

Wineskin (Brady's Song)

Wonderful Way

Melody of Thee
Serving Hands

I See the Forest from the Trees

The World is O

Thy Great Wisdom


Colors of You
"Thy word returns to Thee in praise"

Ivory Home
Joy Joy Joy
Hearts Awash with Praise

When We Gather in the Morning
Jesus Messiah
God of Riches
Gospel Shoes
He A Rose
Settle In
Once Upon a Time
The Ark of the Covenant Man
Words we Keep