Colors of You: Joy Joy Joy, praise song to God

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Joy Joy Joy



C           G     F           E               
Joy Joy Joy  Bo leb towb shalom 
F        Em     D            G
Mela shirah mela emunah 
C           G    F        E               
Joy Joy Joy Bo leb towb shalom
F       Em      G         C  
Mela shirah mela mela

 C                          Em
True is thy way O Lord
Am                              Em
let the trees of the wood sing out to thee
G              Am               D                 G        
Thou stillest the noise of the sea with its waves
  F            Am                 G
And fillest the fields with thy joy


Our garners are filled with store
And all of thy paths drop fatness
Thou waterest the earth
with the river of God
and coverest the valleys with corn
And they sing…


Truth and joy will be
enjoined in hearts redeemed
Forever and forever
Forever and forever
Forever and forever


© 2002 Words and Music by Stephen  Popovich