SalvationRock  Opera










These songs tell of how God is building his heavenly house out of the hearts of the redeemed. The Foundation is Christ, the Rock of Our Salvation and the Cornerstone of God's heavenly house or rest


  1.  House of Rest


God's plan before the world began



  2.  Crescent Moon (a)

  3.  Rain


God's plan shown in creation


  4.  Hebron Hill


Abraham and the Promised Way

  5.   Gethsemene
  6.   He is Risen
  7.   I Do


The Cornerstone is laid: Christ's death, resurrection and Day of Pentecost


  8.   Carolina is Dead
 9.   Born of the Holy Ghost
 10.  Wineskin (Brady's Song) (b)


Born Again! The birth of living stones


 11.  Wonderful Way
12.  I See the Forest from the Trees
13.  Melody of Thee
14.  Serving Hands  


The song of living stones in the Living Way


 15.  The World is O

God's enemies are overcome


 16. Thy Great Wisdom


The consumation of God's plan. His word returns to Him as a heavenly house of rest


          Friend and Family Favorites

          Steve:      Gethsemene, Wonderful Way, Hebron Hill

          Sharon:    Born by the Holy Ghost, Hebron Hill

          Jay:         Gethsemene, Rain, Hebron Hill

          Sheila:     The World is O, Carolina is Dead

          Vickie:     Wonderful Way, Hebron Hill

        2008 words and music by Steve Popovich






The Best of Colors of You
1.  Ivory Home
2.  Joy Joy Joy
3.  Hearts Awash with Praise
 4.  When We Gather in the Morning


                         Sung by Vickie Durand
                                                2002 words and music by Steve Popovich